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by Administrator 14. October 2013 11:05

ARBot over the years has undergone several modifications. Its first version was prepared from the following components:

Of the component I constructed an experimental version of which was also reflected first problem. Smooth wheels work well on linu or wood flooring , but the ground slipping a robot is difficult to move.


ARBot - first attempt
ARBot - first attempt

Smooth wheels I mistook for outdoor version with 110 mm diameter. 

ARBot - first release after adjustments
ARBot - first release after adjustments

Another problem that could not be long to wait for the GPS. It turned out that the very serious problem with the signal reception near the Blackfin processor. For good, it was necessary to put GPS in a distance of about 50 cm from the DSP. This was not acceptable, so I chose LEA - 5H GPS from uBlox, which is substantially more interference. And if that was not enough so I found out by measuring the compass CMPS03 has a pretty bad transfer characteristics. Error 15 degrees is no problem. Graph unfortunately ended up somewhere in the dustbin of history and thus have no choice but to believe. Compass has been replaced by excellent AHRS module VN-100 from VectorNav. Which proved to be an excellent choice. Another modification was the replacement of motor units MD23, which solidified for better MD25. The last "blow" the decision of the organizers Robotur a duty to carry 5l keg of beer.


The final robot is composed of:

  • chassis A4WD1 from Lynxmotion,
  • 2 pcs MD25 motor controller,
  • 4 pcs EMG30 motors,
  • 4 pcs outdoor wheels 110 mm,
  • 3 pcs SRF08 sonar,
  • GPS uBlox LEA-5H,
  • AHRS vectornav VN-100,
  • OLED display μOLED-3202X-P1T
  • Control unit SRV01 with DSP BF537, camera OV9655 and WiFi module,
  • 10x NiMH 4,5 Ah.
ARBot - final version
ARBot - final version
ARBot - a look behind the scenes
ARBot - a look behind the scenes



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