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ARBot wins Robotour in Lodz

by Administrator 23. September 2013 11:53

This year Robotour held in Poland Lodz, under the auspices of the local university. The robots chasing after conservation park Jozef Poniatowkiego. The weather was great so the only inconvenience was a tragic traffic situation. The last 150 km before Lodz we drove 3.5 hours.

Zero round - test run went very well until the goal, where robot instead turned back to the start began to circle around. Some kind of bug? Actually two. Robot does not circle. In turn should reduce the speed so that the right to prevent rolling. A second was to turn around and go to the start. The repair was time enough, so I started with her. The forward speed was due to the test in the past commented out and return to the start lacked one condition. I entered the target coordinates for first round and go to the start.

First round - starting whistle - minute countdown and ... nothing. Robot just flinches and stopped. At that moment I remembered the night before as I'm Martin said that the working of things not reach. I was pissed at myself. Well what 50 minutes would be enough to fix, you may just be a bug in one line with the requirement to return to the start. And exactly according to Murphy's law was. Do this test and go to the second round. But what!? Robot that moment lame the rear wheels, which stopped spinning. Similarly, I once solidified MD23 motor drive. The fact I've seen all the numerous! Time the second round came and it was not what solved. Be the it works or not.

Second round - robot is started, so I relieved. It is true that after a few tens of meters in rod began to bend oddly stuff right and then robot turned into strange paths, but after a few meters it turned and went back to the right path. After a few tens of meters again pulled to the right. He turned in the opposite direction and about 10 meters returned, followed by a turn in the right direction. Such an interesting eight. This is repeated once more, but fortunately still kept on the road. Gradually more and more robot beeps announcing the voltage drop on the battery cells. The final straights already passed unproblematic. Finished he turned and went the other way to start. After about 100 meters refers was whistled constantly and almost stopped moving. The battery was on the bottom. And so the robot stopped. Super performance.

3rd round - after a brief charging the robot started again. Managed properly turn twice and then stopped 150 meters from the target on uneven terrain when it got two wheels in the air. I was so in round best.

4th round - start from the first position. Initial lousy mood was gone. Robot perfectly drove home stretch and after the turn began to tour the bench unfortunately towards the lawn.


ARBot takes first place after counting results from all 4 rounds.

At this point I would like to thank all the organizers for the wonderful effort.







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